MNT Reform Debian disk images and package repository

This website provides bootable system images, a patched Debian installer, as well as an apt repository for the MNT Reform and the MNT Pocket Reform open source hardware family of computers. To learn more about MNT Reform computers, visit, get involved via the forum or via IRC in #mnt-reform on or read the source code at and

The bootable system image will let you try out Debian immediately. Just flash the provided system image to an SD-card (or USB flash drive) and turn on your Reform with the SD-Card (or USB stick) inserted. You can install Debian to eMMC or NVMe by using the reform-migrate and reform-setup-encrypted-nvme scripts on that system. If you prefer installing Debian using the Debian installer you can flash the d-i image to a USB flash drive and install Debian to your Reform in the same way as you would for other machines. If you already have Debian installed and would like to switch to using Debian Bookworm, you can set up your system to use the apt repository.

Flash a bootable Debian system image to an SD-Card

Install Debian using the traditional Debian Installer

Add the Debian apt package repository to your existing installation

In contrast to the Debian system images and apt repository provided by MNT Research, this page provides its content based on Debian stable (Bookworm) instead of unstable for a more reliable computing experience. The disk images as well as the packages in the apt repository are signed with a GPG key that is part of the Debian Developer keyring shipped by the debian-keyring package on your system.

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